Belgium 2 Euro 2005 "Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union" UNC

    Belgium 2 Euro 2005 "Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union" UNC

    Reference: BEL05
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    The Belgium–Luxembourg Economic Union (Dutch: Belgisch-Luxemburgse Economische Unie, French: Union économique belgo-luxembourgeoise, Luxembourgish: Belsch-Lëtzebuerger Wirtschaftsunion), abbreviated to BLEU or UEBL, is an economic and monetary union between Belgium and Luxembourg, two countries in the Benelux economic union.

    BLEU was created by a treaty, signed on 25 July 1921, despite a referendum against such a proposal, between Belgium and Luxembourg, and came into effect upon ratification by the Luxembourgian Chamber of Deputies on 22 December 1922.[1][2] The original treaty lasted for fifty years, expiring in 1972; this was extended for ten years in 1982 and again in 1992. On 18 December 2002, the two countries and the three regions of Belgium signed a new convention

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